Welcome to Applied Industrial Coatings-AIC

AIC is truly a “one stop shop” for all of your sandblasting & painting needs. Located in Glassboro NJ, AIC specializes in the preparation and application of all types of anti corrosion coatings for steel and aluminum. These include:
Epoxy’s, Urethanes, Primers, Phenolics, Tank linings, Bed Liners, Heavy, Chemically Resistant, Resins, Powder Coating & Baked-on Chemical Coatings. As well as, all Enamels, Alkyds & Poly Urethane Top Coat Applications.

We Offer

  • Interior & exterior tank painting & Linings
  • Sandblasting
  • Heavy equipment painting
  • Powder Coating
  • Welding & Steel fabrications
  • Pipe Blasting
  • FRP Trailer repairs
  • Mobile Tank Inspections & Repairs

Our 7000 sq. ft. facility is stocked full of all the equipment needed to do your job fast. Our wet spray equipment ranges from heavy duty airless & air assisted sprayers, pressure paint pots, specialized bed-liner application sprayers to paint cup guns. All wet spray jobs are painted in our 50 ft truck paint / bake booth.

At AIC, one of our specialities has always been sandblasting. We’ve made some significant investments to obtain high powered, state of the art, blast equipment to speed up the prepping process, thus saving you money.

Power Coating: Yes, we even offer powder coating! We use world leader, ITW Gema electrostatic sprayers. We can powder coat large parts up to 16ft long or any size in-between. Click on the link to learn more about our Powder coating Division.

Established in 2008, Applied Industrial Coatings-AIC has become one of the premier sandblasting & coating providers in the region. We’ll take on just about any project regardless of the size or complexity. We love the challenge. A challenge to get it right, make you happy, do it at a reasonable price and get it done when we say it will be done. Too many others take on your project, give a completion date, only to tell you all the reasons why they couldn’t meet their commitment. We don’t make excuses. We work 7 days a week and have been since the beginning.

We’ll Keep You Informed

One of the things we found that our customers really appreciate is Progress Updates during their job. We take pictures during the process to keep you informed of exactly what’s going on with your project because we know your project is the only one you care about. In most cases, you’ll deal directly with the owner, or the foreman in charge of the service division you are seeking.

We assume the following: If you want your customers to keep coming back, You must provide a superior product or service, You must do it a reasonable price and you must get it done when you say you will.

Please click here to see a complete list of services we provide as well as our photo gallery.

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CT: (cargo tank inspection facility) 12810
Fully Licensed & insured
NJ Body Shop License #02472A